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Covid 19
Outriders Festival LIVE

Coronavirus is changing the world – shuts down, slows down, makes us lonely… However, some people and organizations are fighting its effects. Sometimes they are nurses creating makeshift libraries within makeshift hospitals; they are taxi drivers who take health staff to the hospital, free of charge; they are tailors making masks; the community of makers sharing open source gadgets; bikers who bring hygiene kits to the homeless; some governments granting citizenship rights to all migrants or passing aid packages; they are common people who are launching crowdfunding for informal workers; they are entrepreneurs creating new Apps; they are mayors who prepare the city for opening with new cycling and pedestrian areas; they are cleaners, caregivers, delivery people, cooks, scientists and musicians who play from their balconies.

The upcoming festival will be about them and with them as our theme is: How the world responds to COVID-19?


Italian Balcony Orchestras in Quarantine – Aldo Sebastián Cicchini (RAI National Symphony Orchestra)

Aldo during the COVID-19 pandemic, he plays every day from his balcony in Milan giving hope to people around. His first video had more than 10 million views in China.

Tech Responses and Privacy in Asia – Wen-Yee Lee

How Taiwan managed to contain Covid-19?

Life Behind the Masks in Afghanistan

„Covid-19 is just another tragedy on an already long list of suffering in Afghanistan”.

Belarus Crowdfunds against Coronavirus – Nadia Lyudchik (BYCOVID19)

Alexander Lukashenko is denying Covid-19. How looks situation in Belarus during pandemy of Covid-19?

Using Civic Tech against Coronavirus – Matt Stempeck (Civic Hall)

Volunteers can help formal institutions to do a better job.

3D Design that Saves Lives in Italy – Cristian Fracassi, Alessandro Romaioli (Isinnova)

Today we live in times when it’s possible to print required equipment.

Contact Tracing App in North Macedonia – Vasko Kronevski (Nextsense)

Detecting potentially infected people is an important step to stop Covid-19. Is it possible to detect them really fast?

Estonia Is Hacking the Crisis – Kai Isand (Garage48)

Global hack is the biggest online hackathon in the world fighting off the crisis of Covid-19.

Reading for Recovery into a Makeshift Hospital in Spain – Jonan Basterra

IFEMA exhibition center in Madrid was transformed into a hospital. What were the living conditions in there?

Restaurants Giving Back to the Community in Portugal – Florencia Salvia (CRESCER)

É UM RESTAURANTE is a social project in Lisbon. Homeless people can work for 6 months in the restaurant as a preparation for the labour market.

From Ebola to Coronavirus: African Lessons – Rumbi Chakamba

Lessons from the Ebola pandemic in 2014-2016 can be used during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Festival that Supports Czech Culture – Lukáš Jandač (Festival of Nothing)

StartUp Go Out during the pandemic created platform for the non-existent art shows.

How Ukraine Responds to Covid-19 – Serhii Kolesnikov (ShoTam)

How ukrainian civic society responds to challange of Covid-19?

Visible Hand Helps across Poland – Jakub Możaryn (Widzialna ręka)

Visible Hand is initiative helping people in Poland during lockdown.

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