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Storytelling festival that,  brings the world closer to you – through stories.

 It explains particular phenomena. Shows scenarios for the future and enables you to take a closer look at what is happening now – locally and globally. Stories can change the world. Passed from mouth to mouth, uploaded on social media, captured in photos. They build order, shape narratives, and allow us to form our opinions.


Thanks to festivals and other events, we keep in touch with you – readers and audience. The festival is a form of meeting for us, but it is also a journalistic form – another way of presenting you the materials we work on on a daily basis. It is an attempt to convey knowledge to you in the most clear, accessible and pleasant way possible.

By organizing events, we want to give you the opportunity to get to know the reporters and their stories better, and to look at one topic from different perspectives. We also want to give you the floor – by creating a space for joint discussion.


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