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Outriders Summit

After years of crisis, the value of good journalism is slowly being acknowledged. New, participatory models put the reader into the heart of good reporting and impactful stories come as a result. The summit provided a space for authors to share and co-create utilizing the power of technology based on a solid foundation of values.

We couldn’t have envisioned a better theme than the one that pays tribute to stories.

Story should always come first.


Opening Keynote – Ann Marie Lipinski

Technology is very useful in the work of journalists but can not replace patience and the face to face communication with other people.

Okay, Let Me Tell You Something Good – Tina Rosenberg

The idea of solutions journalism is often misunderstood. Tina gives us examples of how should it work and what effects should it bring.

Building a Community and a New Naratif – Kirsten Han

New Naratif is a movement for democracy, freedom of information, and freedom of expression in Southeast Asia. They aim to make Southeast Asians proud of their region, their shared culture, and history.

How To Stay On Track? Two Years Of Athens Live – Tassos Morfis

Since 2015, AthensLive has emerged as Greece’s first non-profit news organization in response to two identified needs; the need for independent and dynamic journalism in an unstable media landscape, and the representation of a Greek narrative in the international debate.

The Challenges Of Being A Foreign Reporter In Latin America – Irene Caselli

Irene was reporting the death of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. By accident, she was wearing then a red jacket, the color of Chavez supporters.

Lost In Translations: The Budapest Beacon – Benjamin Novak

The Budapest Beacon is an online news publication committed to fact-based reporting on what is really happening in Hungary.

Dying Energy Monotowns And Construction Of Nuclear Power Plant – Yasia Karalevich-Kartel

Belarus is ready to launch a nuclear power plant. Does this plan have any economical sense?

Refugees In The Western Balkans Waiting Zone: Challenges On Documenting Migrant Crisis – Natalia Żaba

BIRN, the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, was established in 2004 as a network of non-governmental organisations promoting freedom of speech, human rights and democratic values in Southern and Eastern Europe.

Freedom Of Information And The Limits Of Traditional Media In Turkey – Özgün Özçer

Platform for Independent Journalism (P24) is a timely initiative to support and promote editorial independence in the Turkish press at a time when the journalistic profession is under fierce commercial and political pressure.

The Global Bombs Supermarket – Sonja Peteranderl

Where were the bombs used in Yemen bought? How does the global arms trade work? What are the transport routes of arms from Italy to Saudi Arabia? Sonja tells us about the global arms trade on an example of the war in Yemen

Digital Storytelling – How To Build & Grow A Loyal Audience On Facebook – Guido Bülow

Facebook and other social media can be used by journalists to share stories and engage people. They are quick tools to publish something in an attractive way.

How Facebook can be used as a tool by journalists? What is CrowdTangle? Why the audience loves videos and lives? Guido shows us how social media can be used by journalists in their work.

Sketchy Reports: Using Drawings to Tell Stories – Andrew North

Coda tells you stories you never heard before, shows you connections you never knew existed, and investigates the nuance and complexity of the world.

DIVERSITY MATTERS! Five Suggestions For Better Cross-Border Reporting – Hostwriter

Hostwriter is an open network that helps journalists to collaborate easily across borders. They support members at all career levels to raise the quality of media coverage by providing local contacts around the globe.

Hostwriter Prize Ceremony – Olalla Tunas Martínez

There are two Hostwriter Prize categories. The Story Prize is handed for collaborative pieces researched and published by the October 31st, 2019. The Pitch Prize is open to journalists with an excellent idea for a story that would be made with at least one other colleague.

Solutions Journalism In Poland – Agata Stafiej-Bartosik

Ashoka Fellows are the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. They champion innovative new ideas that transform society’s systems, providing benefits for everyone and improving the lives of millions of people

Crowdsourcing Stories: How Thousands Shared Their Own Racism Stories Under #MeTwo – Juliane Metzker

Perspective Daily is the first german online magazine for constructive journalism (solution journalism). Can solutions journalism activate people? How present is racism in Germany? Is racism in german schools common? Juliane tells us about racism and movement #metwo in Germany.

Breaking Through: Selling Your Story Without Selling Out Your Vision – Emma Lacey-Bordeaux

Preparing a reportage about prisons for CNN Emma and her team collected more materials than expected… and decided to make a documentary movie.

How Did We Accidentally Start a Podcast Revolution? – David Tvrdon

A podcast can be a good way of sharing information. For now, the main part of the audience is young people, highly educated and extremely engaged.

How To Find Intimacy In Your Stories? – Georgiana Ilie

Școala9 (New School) is online journal in Romania on education. We wanted people to look at the magazine and think: oh, that’s what my school looks like.

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LIVE 2020: Covid-19

Koronawirus zmienia świat – zamyka, spowalnia, zabija… Są jednak ludzie i organizacje, które walczą z jego skutkami.

To zwykli ludzie, którzy uruchamiają zbiórki internetowe, przedsiębiorcy tworzący nowe aplikacje, burmistrzowie przygotowujący miasta do otwarcia z nowymi strefami dla rowerzystów i pieszych.

Outriders Stage 2019

There is a lot of innovation happening both in media and in storytelling right now. We are in a historical moment of a big transformation in how we communicate, and there is nothing more important to do now than to come together.

We invite you to join a conversation about the future of storytelling and how we can connect better.

Outriders Summit 2018

After years of crisis, the value of good journalism is slowly being acknowledged. New, participatory models put the reader into the heart of good reporting, and impactful stories come as a result.

We couldn’t have envisioned a better theme for out summit than the one that pays tribute to stories.

LIVE 2020: Okno na świat

2020 rok nie był łatwy. Wszystkie nasze wyjazdy, konferencje, spotkania zostały odwołane.

Dlatego zorganizowaliśmy Outriders Festiwal Live: Okno na świat, abyśmy wszyscy mogli posłuchać o świecie, który obecnie jest dla nas zamknięty lub przymknięty. Porozmawiać, wymienić się doświadczeniami. Być online, ale razem.

LIVE 2020: Dom

W 2020 roku spędziliśmy w domu więcej czasu niż byśmy chcieli.

I właśnie o tym, czym jest dom, rozmawialiśmy podczas Outriders Festival LIVE. Wspólnie z naszymi gośćmi wyruszyliśmy w podróż i zobaczyliśmy, czym dom jest dla nich. Na świecie. W różnych kulturach, w historii czy architekturze.

Wachlarz 2019: Wolność

Tematem przewodnim Festiwalu Wachlarz 2019 jest „Wolność”.

To słowo bardzo pojemne, dające wiele możliwości interpretacji. Rozumiemy je jako możliwość działania, dokonywania wyborów, posługiwania się słowem, obrazem, dźwiękiem, wyrażania swoich poglądów, niezależność, swoboda –  w podróży, sporcie, sztuce, życiu. To ona jest sensem podróżowania, zmiany, dążenia…

Wachlarz 2018 - Esencja

Tematem przewodnim Festiwalu Wachlarz 2018 jest Esencja

Esencję rozumiemy jako powrót do korzeni podróżowania, powrót do natury, bliższe poznanie innych kultur podczas podróży, a nie tylko przechodzenie obok nich. To dla nas też podróż do wnętrza siebie.