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Edition: House

The Festiwal is coming back! This time for two days – Thursday and Friday – April 2nd and 3rd. Remember these dates and hours because we start at 8 P.M.! We are streaming until 10 P.M. and then you are welcome to join us at the unofficial part @our Instagram account,

This edition topic is:


Probably none of us has spent so much time at the house for a very long time. And not by your own choice. For many house is now something else than it used to be a month ago. But the house is not only four walls, windows, and ceiling. It has many definitions, meanings, and symbols.

About that – what the house is for all of us now – we’d like to talk during the next edition of Outriders Festiwal LIVE. Together with our guests will go on a journey to see what house means for them, in different cultures, periods of history or architecture.


Since all talks will be given in Polish – please check the Polish website of the Festiwal for detailed program and agenda.