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Impactful Stories
Athens 2019

What Did Our Speakers Say About Impactful Stories?

More than 80 journalists showed up to discuss how journalism can have a more significant and broader social impact.


Running the investigative house – (The Journalist’s House) – Vlad Ursulean

Casa Jurnalistului (Journalist’s House) is a collective of independent reporters based in Bucharest. We create in-depth feature stories about social issues in Eastern Europe.

How to create impactful investigative stories? – Blanka Zöldi

Direkt36 is a non-profit investigative journalism center in Hungary with the mission to expose wrongdoings and abuse of power through fair but tough reporting, a kind of journalism that is vital for any democracy.

Journalism in Crisis: Is Data Journalism the Answer? – Eva Constantaras

Journalism impact the way people think and vote during elections. If they know and understand more they can vote more consciously.


Bucharest 2018

With this Meetup, we kickstarted our series of meetings which happened in 2019 in many European capitals.

Our aim was to create a global platform for knowledge sharing among journalists. Our theme for the meeting was “Serve and engage. How to have a relationship with your audience".

Warsaw 2018

Do you want to know how to turn your audience into members?

Outriders Meetup in Warsaw 2018 coincides with the News Impact Academy, an effort of both the European Journalism Centre and Google News Initiative. Our main goal for this meetup was to surface different tactics and stories to build business models based on audience engagement.

Lviv 2019

We went to Ukraine to participate in Lviv Media Forum, the most important event dedicated to the media and journalism in Central and Eastern Europe.

During 3-days conference program Jakub Górnicki had a Lab about Telling Stories through Instagram. After that, we organised a panel with Eva Lopez (Deutsche Welle), Zhanna Novik (Radio Free Europa) and Rafał Hetman on Interactive reporting.

Sofia 2019

As OCCRP’s motto says “It takes a network to take down a network”, and so we got together and discussed what are the benefits and challenges of cross-border collaboration.

Sarajevo 2019

We met at in the Brew Imperial Society during the POINT conference to discuss the best examples of election’s coverage and how journalism can support transparency and accountability of political powers.

Minsk 2019

Many were surprised there is a vibrant community of journalists in Belarus who create innovative media organisations, especially on the local level.

We wanted to bring as many of them close to the network and the global conversation as possible, so we chose a topic of the meetup – foreign reporting.

Budapest 2019

Our guests — Sarah Emler an Austrian journalist from ORF, Tommasso Canetta, an Italian fact-checker from Pagella Politica and Meri Jordanovska, a Macedonian investigative journalist working at the MakFaxagency — arrived at Brody Studios (possibly the coolest venue we got to host an event in so far!) to talk about disinformation — what it is, how it spreads and how to fight it.

Zagreb 2019

Workshops addressed an overall theme of using new media to tell better stories:

Fact-checking & verification

Storytelling with Instagram Stories

Data journalism in the agile world

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