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Covid 19
Outriders Festival LIVE

Coronavirus is changing the world – shuts down, slows down, makes us lonely… However, some people and organizations are fighting its effects. Sometimes they are nurses creating makeshift libraries within makeshift hospitals; taxi drivers who give health staff a lift; tailors making masks; the community of makers sharing open-source gadgets; bikers who bring hygiene kits to the homeless; some governments granting citizenship rights to all migrants or passing aid packages; common people who are launching crowdfunding for informal workers; entrepreneurs creating new Apps; mayors who change cities with new cycling and pedestrian areas;  cleaners, caregivers, delivery people, cooks, scientists and musicians who play standing at their balconies.

The upcoming festival will be about them and with them as our theme is: How the world responds to COVID-19?




Italian Balcony Orchestras in Quarantine – Aldo Sebastián Cicchini (RAI National Symphony Orchestra)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Aldo plays every day from his balcony in Milan giving hope to people around. His first video had more than 10 million views in China.

Tech Responses and Privacy in Asia – Wen-Yee Lee

How Taiwan managed to contain Covid-19?

Life Behind the Masks in Afghanistan

„Covid-19 is just another tragedy on an already long list of suffering in Afghanistan”.

Belarus Crowdfunds against Coronavirus – Nadia Lyudchik (BYCOVID19)

Alexander Lukashenko denies Covid-19. How does the situation look like in Belarus during the pandemic of Covid-19?

Using Civic Tech against Coronavirus – Matt Stempeck (Civic Hall)

Volunteers can help formal institutions to do a better job.

3D Design that Saves Lives in Italy – Cristian Fracassi, Alessandro Romaioli (Isinnova)

Today we live in times when it’s possible to print required equipment.

Contact Tracing App in North Macedonia – Vasko Kronevski (Nextsense)

Detecting potentially infected people is an important step to stop Covid-19. Is it possible to detect them really fast?

Estonia Is Hacking the Crisis – Kai Isand (Garage48)

The global hack is the biggest online hackathon in the world, fighting off the crisis of Covid-19.

Reading for Recovery into a Makeshift Hospital in Spain – Jonan Basterra

IFEMA exhibition centre in Madrid was transformed into a hospital. What were the living conditions there?

Restaurants Giving Back to the Community in Portugal – Florencia Salvia (CRESCER)

É UM RESTAURANTE is a social project in Lisbon. Homeless people can work for 6 months in the restaurant as a preparation for the labour market.

From Ebola to Coronavirus: African Lessons – Rumbi Chakamba

Lessons from the Ebola pandemic in 2014-2016 can be used during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Festival that Supports Czech Culture – Lukáš Jandač (Festival of Nothing)

StartUp Go Out during the pandemic created a platform for non-existent art shows.

How Ukraine Responds to Covid-19 – Serhii Kolesnikov (ShoTam)

How does the Ukrainian civic society respond to the challenge of Covid-19?

Visible Hand Helps across Poland – Jakub Możaryn (Widzialna ręka)

Visible Hand is an initiative helping people in Poland during the lockdown.

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